Google Ads 

Google Ads is the number one Search Engine Marketing (SEM) platform in Australia. SEM is an online marketing technique that helps increase the visibility of your website. Through paid advertising with search engines such as Google and Microsoft Ads (previously Bing Ads) a small investment can bring targeted leads to your website.

Motive Marketing’s Google Ads and Microsoft Ads services help your business understand the benefits of pay-per-click and cost-per-impression marketing and take the steps required to drive traffic to your website.

SEM Keyword Research

Your SEM campaign begins when we map the ideal keywords for your brand, product and niche. We uncover the keywords your potential clients will search. Keywords are the cornerstone of SEM. Using a customised campaign we ensure that every dollar you spend on SEM is going towards targeted keywords that will work for your business.

SEM Retargeting & Remarketing

Utilising our expert knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Ads, Motive Marketing are able to quickly retarget your non-converting audiences based on multiple factors including landing page, exit point,  time on site etc. This ensures that your campaign has the highest chance of returning a good ROI as quickly as possible.

SEM Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click is the most highly used bidding strategy in SEM today, with businesses paying search engines directly when their add is clicked. Pay-per-click is often a cost-effective way of implementing your SEM strategy as it quickly relays how effective the add campaign is.

SEM Cost-Per-Impression

Cost-per-impression advertising is a way of having your add seen by more people, as search engines are paid by the number of people they show your add to. While the effectiveness of this method can be difficult to gauge immediately, we constantly analyse the reach of your add and fine-tune the parameters to gain maximum impressions.

To strengthen your SEM results even further you can combine our search engine marketing campaigns with other services, such as search engine optimisation and social advertising, to form a powerful three-pronged approach for boosting your website traffic.