Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands by one or more forms of electronic media. With thousands of blogs dedicated to digital marketing, all with their own tips, techniques and hacks, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by bad data. Let us steer you through the storm by proving you with a simple, cost effective solution to answer your online marketing requirements.

Motive Marketing’s Digital Marketing services help drive growth and revenue with integrated traffic, conversion, and lead nurturing campaigns for your business. Motive Marketing will consult with you and develop smart strategies to get prospective clients to your site at the most affordable price.

How Do Motive’s Digital Marketing Services Work?

The objective of our digital marketing lead generation service is to establish, or optimise, an online lead generation pipeline. Based around your website we drive a consistent and predictable stream of ideal customers and clients to your website. We use a proven methodology that allows you to systematise and automate the process of generating leads in your business.

Each client engagement covers the 7 Critical Steps in the lead generation process :

  • Understand your business, your desired outcome and your market
  • Analyse your current online lead generation strategy and conversion process
  • Define KPIs to establish a baseline for improvement
  • Re-engineer your lead generation funnel to convert fresh leads into committed buyers
  • Deploy and optimise traffic generation campaigns, landing pages and lead nurturing systems
  • Integrate appropriate lead management processes, so you convert more leads into sales
  • Expand your reach and impact with fresh traffic sources

What Digital Marketing Traffic Strategies And Sources Are Used?

We use the most suitable traffic generating sources and strategies for your website and your business. These include:

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Search Engine Optimisation is the process of setting up business websites to get improved organic or free listings on the main search engines. Our approach involves on-site development and content manipulation, creating a ‘social media link wheel’ and combining this with a careful strategy of link building. Over time, the website is guaranteed to move into higher rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

    Pay per Click, or PPC advertising is the fastest way to get good quality traffic to a website. Motive Marketing uses Google Analytics, 3rd Party Analytics Software and AdWords Bidding software as well as click to call tracking to get the very best results. With transparent management fees on all our PPC campaigns we get the very best returns within your budget.

    • Search engine advertising on Google using Google AdWords is a relatively fast and reliable way to get clients to your website.
    • Bing Ads search engine advertising can be up to 70% cheaper than on Google but the available volume is a lot smaller
    • PPC Display advertising may come in the form of small text ads, picture images or video content. Display advertising operates on major publisher’s sites and on the Google content network.
    • Social Media Advertising including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • E-Mail Marketing

    We offer a variety of e-mail marketing services and options, all of which are targeted and non-incentivised. They include Display Advertising, Newsletter advertisements, and eDirect Mail (EDM).

  • Co-Registration Leads

    Our co-registration network includes trusted publisher websites and owned and operated websites. We offer clients the opportunity to have an integrated message about their products and services presented during the registration path a user must go through while signing up to a particular site or exiting an ecommerce site. Co-registration leads can be delivered in real time to your CRM database, call centre or sales representative. We offer a range of targeting options including daily budget caps, gender, age and demographic targeting giving you complete control over your lead quality options.

Ready To Increase The Traffic To Your Website?

Are you running an online advertising campaign but do not think the results are where they should be? We offer a free campaign and web site review. If our suggestions do not improve results in one month, we deposit $150 into a bank account of your choice.