Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers and getting them to provide email and phone contact details so that you can work at converting these interested prospects into paying customers. Leads are created through an exchange of value – giving prospects a reason the start a conversation with you. We often give away valuable information in the form of whitepapers, ebooks, audio downloads, webinar registrations and free consultations or get them to enter a competition as a way to start a conversation with you.

Motive Marketing don’t have any ‘off the shelf’ or pre-planned lead generation marketing programmes, all of our lead generation services are 100% customised to the needs of your business. Our lead generation service can establish new lead funnels or optimise existing lead generation funnels, regardless of whether you have a business to business or business to consumer sales operation.

The result is a lead generation process that drives a consistent and predictable stream of ideal customers or clients to your website or phone line.

How Does The Motive Marketing Lead Generation Service Work?

We work with you directly to increase website traffic and inbound calls, design prospect qualification processes, and implement conversion strategies. Clients typically engage us for a three month pilot project, resulting in a sales lead generation system that generates more sales and leads at a lower price point than you are currently paying.

What Marketing Channels Are Used To Generate New Leads?

We utilise the most appropriate marketing channels for your business. This can include;

E-mail Marketing – Solus EDM Lists, Performance Networks and Affiliate Networks.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing – Google AdWords, Yahoo Search, Bing Search, Online Display, Mobile Search, Mobile Advertising and Social Media Advertising.

Direct Response Advertising – Television, Radio and Press; and Outbound Telemarketing.