Mobile marketing is a way of promoting products and services to customers via smartphones and mobile devices. It can be hyper-local, national or global depending on your requirements.

Motive Marketing’s Mobile Marketing Solutions connect you with your audience while they are on the move by utilising the latest mobile demand-side platform (DSP) with Real-Time Bidding combined with mobile landing pages, retargeting platforms and old school SMS or email for fulfilment.

Why Mobile Marketing?

  • Australia has the second highest smartphone penetration in the world, ahead of the US, UK, and Japan and just behind Singapore.
  • 90%of smartphone owners accessed the Internet via their smartphones daily.
  • 58% of Australians use their smartphone to research and then call businesses, while 52% visit a business they’ve found using their smartphone.
  • 2 in 5 of Australian smartphone owners use mobile search daily.

DSP with Real-Time Bidding

Thanks to the rapid growth of smartphones, brands have a growing opportunity to reach and engage with customers more directly. Using our Mobile Marketing services we can help you capitalise on this by delivering the optimal mobile marketing campaign possible for your business.

Our mobile demand-side platform (DSP) with Real-Time Bidding allows us to manage mobile campaigns locally or globally. Real-Time Bidding is an auction process for buying and selling individual ad impressions, within 100 milliseconds. This means we can buy ad impressions on smartphones and tablets within apps, games, and mobile websites in real-time.

Motive Marketing places advertisers’ bids for these impressions based on targeting parameters like age, gender, location, time of day, and apps or websites being accessed to optimise ad spend. By using RTB we eliminate wasted ad spend, and only bid for and buy impressions that match your targeting criteria.

Mobile Marketing Ad Creative

Like people, mobile devices are responsive and versatile, so we create mobile ads that reflect these qualities. Making mobile ad creative interactive across devices means your audience can really connect with you and your brand. Today we are even able to reach your audience based on rich location data, which presents us with even more opportunities to connect customers with your business

Standard Banner Ads

Standard banners can be static or animated images that redirect a user to your landing page, mobile site, mobile app, or video. Standard banners will often have a call to action or include a special offer that entices the prospective customer to click on the banner

Rich Media Ads

Create stronger calls-to-action with rich media ads. Thanks to huge developments in mobile technology, it is now possible to ask uses to swipe, share, watch, wipe, draw, locate, count, and click on your add all from the palm of their hand.

Interstitials and Expandable Ads

While a website is loading, interstitials and expandable ads can be used to engage customers before, during, and after content consumption. Both of these methods use inviting calls-to-action and rich media features.

Mobile Landing Pages

To have an engaging call to action it is best to use a campaign specific landing page. Within a landing page or squeeze page we limit the number of options a user has, which encourages them to call for more information, open a URL, watch a video or enter their email address to download a piece of free information such as an e-book.

Outbound SMS

With e-mail opening rates still in decline, outbound SMS can be the perfect medium for getting critical messages to prospects and customers. With 90%+ open rates and much better click through rates than email, outbound SMS can be used to communicate with your current and potential customers with scheduled, regular messages, or on an ad-hoc basis to inform them of upcoming special offers or events.