“I Need More Customers Or Clients”

Motive Marketing will help you acquire and retain more and better customers, profitably. Motive Marketing assists start-up and established companies in building their customer acquisition and retention strategies by; identifying the best target market niche or segment for your product or service; developing the right marketing programs; developing communications for attracting profitable customers; developing customer referral programmes; creating customer loyalty and customer incentive systems; and putting in place the processes and people you need to have a productive and cost-effective marketing team.

How Does The Motive Marketing Customer Acquisition Service Work?

Here’s our approach:

  • Situation Analysis: Evaluate your existing approach to customer acquisition and retention including; calculating current cost per lead, cost per new customer, the current customer lifetime value and current return on your marketing and advertising investment.
  • Market Segmentation & Niche Identification: First we analyse your market and identify the most promising market segments. We then look at your product and/or service attributes and identify your unique market niche.
  • Campaign Development: create a robust marketing plan, develop a marketing budget, and create appropriate creative executions, ready for implementation.
  • Retention Marketing: Plan a dynamic ongoing customer retention strategy, using personalised communications to increase the lifetime value of your customer base.
  • Referral Marketing & Loyalty Programs: Analyse your customer segments; plan a customer retention strategy; recommend programs to reward your customers, keep them buying and stimulate referrals.